The estate of Bennet from the TV series “Pride and prejudice” has sold for $ 11 million

Имение Беннет из сериала «Гордость и предубеждение» продается за 11 миллионов долларов

With 12 million dollars, fans of the cult BBC series “Pride and prejudice” can be purchased the mansion of the family of Bennetts, which the plot of the TV show belongs to one of the main characters. Real estate of 60 hectares, in which were shooting the most romantic scenes of the series, selling over 11 6 million dollars.

In the house, which is located in the Cotswolds, Central England, has six bedrooms, as many bathrooms and living rooms. Since the filming of the series in the house where Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet fell in love with each other, nothing has changed.