The enemy Alexei Batalov discovers the truth about his cheating wife

Враг Алексея Баталова раскрыл правду о его изменах жене Vadim Elgart unveiled some unexpected information. According to him, Alexei Batalov was not a faithful wife and often took mistresses in the same bath, where long ago there is a trial with the family of the actor.
Враг Алексея Баталова раскрыл правду о его изменах жене

For many years Aleksey Batalov were arguing with a neighbor at the cottage Vadim Elgarta. After the death of an actor in the conflict has involved his wife Gitana Arkadevna. Despite the ongoing litigation, to solve the problem and failed.

Vadim Elgart decided to Express their point of view, therefore, appeared in the Studio of “Andrew Malachov. Live”. The man said that the controversial bath, which he built on the site Batalov, he doesn’t need. The neighbor is willing to give her Gitana Arkadyevna, but she’s not getting in touch with him.

Moreover, Elgart brought the Studio 300 thousand rubles, which was ready to give the relatives of the artist. With this money, they can organize the demolition of a building or to build a new fence in the bypass section.

The man confessed that for many years he was friends with Batalov, but due to personal problems of the artist, their communication was broken.

“He women here drove. He also had a separate gate, he passed through it with women. One time he even took one of them to England to take, he asked me for it a thousand dollars. I borrowed, they are gone. And once Gitana found out about his affair, and I somehow became extreme,” said Elgart.
Враг Алексея Баталова раскрыл правду о его изменах жене

Revelation men became absolute shock for the fans of people’s artist. The fact that the Director, in almost every interview confessed his love to his wife. They lived together for more than 50 years, and the man never gave me reason to suspect him of infidelity.

Himself the neighbor admits that he is tired of conflicts. Because of constant disputes and lawsuits, he started to have health problems.

“My blood pressure jumps, and after the last fight with them, I almost died. My wife is going crazy with excitement, my daughter in America, her bed in the hospital. I’m ready to give it all if only they left me alone. Only to leave intact the health of my loved ones,” said Elgart.

Studio guests urged the man to hurry to demolish the disputed room and stop conflict with the widow of folk artist and his daughter. However, Elgart not itself destroy the structure, the creation of which took him so much time and effort.

At the end of the program Andrey Malakhov wished Vadim Aligarto to find the strength to meet the relatives Batalov. The many friends of the actor also expressed the hope that the scandalous situation in the near future will be resolved and all will benefit.