The end of the fairy tale about love, a collapsed marriage Channing Tatum

Конец сказки о любви: рухнул брак Ченнинга Татума
The couple officially stated that they broke up.

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dyfan-Tatum


Fans of Channing Tatum shocked by the unexpected
news: the actor and his wife
Jenna Dyfan, considered one of the strongest couples in
Hollywood, decided to divorce. Alas, this is not celebrity gossip — they officially confirmed their

“Hello everyone! So, we want something to tell you…
Of course, a little weird that we have to announce it, but we
commits to this way of life we enjoy by virtue of existing
circumstances. We want to inform you the truth, not to give others to introduce you
confusing all sorts of inventions. So jenna decided
to leave. We fell in love with each other
many years ago, and since then our life together was a magical experience. We
still love each other, but love is a journey that can lead in
ultimately, in different ways. None of us is guilty of treason, we just
decided to give each other the opportunity to live on so that both were as
happy. Besides, we’ll still be family and be true
the parents of our daughter …” — this statement was made by Tatum.

Rumors that their relationship is not going well,
began to spread in
March, when Jenna came to the ceremony of awarding the prize “Oscar” one. Besides all
noticed that the last time the wife Tatum looked pretty grim, and no one
could not understand the reason for her bad mood.

Recall that Jenna and Channing met in 2006 on the set
the film “Step up”. Wedding they played in 2009, in Malibu (CA). In may of 2013
Dyfan gave birth to his beloved wife, the daughter called Everly.