The end of a great era: Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik broke up

Конец прекрасной эпохи: Джиджи Хадид и Зейн Малик расстались

Supermodel Gigi Hadid and singer Zayn Malik broke up, but, according to insiders, the chances of reconciliation are great.

Wave breakup affected not only Taylor swift (Taylor Swift) and Calvin Harris (Calvin Harris), but the singer’s girlfriend Gigi Hadid (Hadid Gig) and Zayn Malik (Zayn Malik). E! News reported that a top model and the singer have broken up after six months of relationship.

A source said that Hadid and Malik had a falling out in the birthday models (23 APR Gigi turned 21) and then repeatedly breaking up and getting back together.

Another insider confirmed the gap, but argues that there is still hope for the resumption of relations. “Zane and Hadid took a break and might be getting back together tomorrow. What is happening between them, very confused. Lately they had some problems,” he explains.

Official comments from the representatives of Gigi and Zane were not given.

The first rumors that the American supermodel is Dating bassim member of the band One Direction, appeared at the end of November 2015. At the end of December Zayn Malik indirectly confirmed their joint with Gigi Hadid photo on instagram. At the end of January 2016 Hadid starred in the video for the song Malika Pillowtalk, and in early may, the couple appeared for the first time together at the Ball costume Institute in new York.

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