Элегантность и сила характера: Мария Шарапова представила новую коллаборацию с Nike

Maria Sharapova

Recently, well-known tennis player Maria Sharapova has intrigued fans post to Instagram, announcing a new collaboration with the famous brand. Attention was drawn blurry the foreground of the picture, where it was possible to distinguish the bright soles of sports shoes.

This cooperation reflects my new mission outside the court and inspiration for women of the next generation

— signed Sharapova and invited readers to guess what was going on.

Элегантность и сила характера: Мария Шарапова представила новую коллаборацию с Nike Maria Sharapova

The answer became known the next day. The athlete previously submitted with LA Cortez Nike sneakers, inspired by Los Angeles, has now released a new version of this model. Replaced leather sneakers in a soft pink color came model in beige color with bright red layer in the sole, inspired by the fall of new York. New shoes will perfectly complement not only the sports images, but also casual suits, which is reflected in the advertising campaign.

Today sneakers and street style is very popular, but it requires a comfort and elegance that will never go out of fashion. I was inspired by the classic colors that I wear constantly and you can mix and match with any wardrobe

— said Sharapova in an interview.

La Cortez reflect two values: the elegance and strength of character. They define my personality on the court and beyond.

Brand new shoes will arrive on August 23. Reportedly, the cost per couple will be $ 100.

Recall, Sharapova & Nike — long-time partners, because the first contract with the company it signed in 1998 when she was only 11 years old. Over the years of cooperation the two sides had different times. In particular, after the doping scandal in 2016 because of Meldonium, the brand was temporarily suspended work with the tennis player on court proceedings, however, later expressed support for the athletes and continued cooperation.

The importance of partnerships Mary mentioned in his Instagram, where he shared with subscribers of new photos of the advertising campaign.

When we get together and share great ideas, we inspire each other to go their own way. Everything is possible!

— signed by the athlete.

A major theme was the support of women.

My mission outside of the court — to inspire a new generation of women entrepreneurs,

— confident athlete.

Such initiatives are becoming increasingly popular, and many stars strive to promote the professional development of young girls and encourage them not to be afraid to make a career. We will remind, not so long ago, Hollywood star Jessica Alba visited the summit of women bloggers, where he shared his experience of starting a business.