The eldest son of Yana Rudkovskaya told about the severity of the mother’s relationship with the father

Старший сын Яны Рудковской рассказал о строгости матери и отношениях с отцом Nikolai Baturin is building a musical career. According to the young man, his mother Yana Rudkovskaya sometimes very punishing for misdeeds. However, the young man grateful to my parents for proper upbringing.

The son of Yana Rudkovskaya and Viktor Baturin Nikolai in his 15 years managed to achieve considerable success. Young man zanimaetsya and has already managed to record some hits. In a recent interview, the young man told that mother supports all of his creative endeavors.

According to Nicholas, Yana Rudkovskaya all ways helps her son in his career. It was she who acquainted the heir with the former lead singer of the band MBAND Vlad Ramm, with whom they now record duets. However, the son of the famous producer sometimes has to put up with excessive strictness of parents.

“If I screw, I was always severely punished. And I am such a child, really killing it. I have always been strictly brought up, parents may be punished. Under house arrest, happen, sit,” said the young man.

Now Nicholas perfectly communicates not only with mom, but with her husband Evgeny Plushenko. According to the young man, he enjoyed Babysitting his younger brother Alexander, but see relatives very often. The thing is that Rudkovskaya and her new family lives outside the city, and Buchanan studying and working in Moscow.

Many fans of the star family was worried that Rudkovskaya will not be able to maintain good relations with the older sons of Andrew and Nicholas. Her high-profile divorce with Victor Baturin turned many court sessions and scandals. However, according to the successor producer, all these problems did not affect his life.

“With my father, we talk, we have a great relationship. My parents tried to create for me the best atmosphere, so I don’t feel negative, so I thank them for that”, – said Nikolai.

Now the young people are in school, but he had a lot of plans for the future. Nicholas is sure that an incredible performance got him by inheritance from his mother. Itself Rudkovskaya has repeatedly admitted as much proud of her son. The producer often puts family pictures and talks about living relatives.

But Nicholas, on the contrary, prefers not to advertise personal life. Communicating with Peopletalk, he noted that wants to meet a girl that will be able not only to love, but to call a true friend.