The eldest son of Victoria Beckham tortured fans

Старшего сына Виктории Бекхэм замучили фанатки
Brooklyn was reunited with his beloved.

Victoria Beckham with son Brooklyn


18-year-old Brooklyn Beckham, who this fall began studies at new York
University, admitted he was tired to fend off his groupies. As
told Brooklyn, he did not expect that students will not give
him passage. Girls literally attacking
young man. It is worth it to go to the classroom, as they start screaming from
delight and pester you with requests to sign autographs. “I have to calm them down.
Quiet, I will learn with you for another four years. Calm down, please!” —
told Brooklyn.

The thing is, although the eldest son of Victoria Beckham is just beginning his career as a photographer (he has only released one
album made of pictures), it has already become a celebrity — his microblog
more than 10 million subscribers! Such popularity can boast
not all stars. Now Brooklyn has a hard work — after all, moving to
New York, for a long time he first left home. And, it seems, is already beginning to yearn
in the home and their relatives. Recently Brooklyn has shared with fans a touching photo
which captured his little sister Harper. This is the touched by subscribers
microblog boys, who noticed that the girl looks a lot like his brother.

As for the Brooklyn, in addition to studying the photos, he finds
time for personal life. The eldest son of Victoria Beckham resumed his relationship with actress Chloe
Moretz. With her Brooklyn met in the past, before they broke up in 2016
year. Then there were rumors that the breakup of their relationship has played the role of “geographical
factor” — Brooklyn most of the year living in the UK, and Chloe is in America.
But ever since he moved in early September in new York, they began
to meet again — for the last time the couple have seen together, and
both looked completely happy.