The eldest son of Victoria Beckham parents ride with the wind

Старший сын Виктории Бекхэм прокатил  родителей с ветерком
17-year-old Brooklyn scared of his father.

Старший сын Виктории Бекхэм прокатил  родителей с ветерком

Victoria Beckham with son Brooklyn

Photo: @victoriabeckham Victoria Beckham Instagram

Старший сын Виктории Бекхэм прокатил  родителей с ветерком

David Beckham with son Brooklyn

Photo: @Instagram davidbeckham David Beckham

Recently Victoria Beckham and her
wife had to go through the test, appeared for them very difficult. All
it began with the fact that their eldest, 17-year-old son Brooklyn began to master the skills
the driver and his mum and dad to support his son did him fine
gift. They presented the young man a luxury car A-class in nearly 50
of thousands of dollars. But Victoria and David apparently did not expect that barely received
the keys, their son immediately wants to roll.

It turned out that, as a driver, Brooklyn
clearly inclined to the extreme. Sitting behind the wheel in famously turned backwards
the baseball cap, he casually taxiing with one hand, sometimes clearly exceeding the allowed
speed. In the end the walk on a brand new car, driven by Brooklyn
made such a strong impression on his parents that each of them
he shared his emotions in microblog.

“Here’s the face
41-year-old father in a car when sitting behind the wheel of his little (honestly
speaking, is not that little) son!” — posted by David under his selfie
made in the car. And Victoria was even more outspoken. “I think I
look a bit scared? I really tried to hide it with all my might…” —
the star explained in the caption under your photo.

In fact Victoria and
David would never to worry because Brooklyn, before to put into the car their parents have already had enough
to practice. As reported by a young man on his page on the social
network, he began to take driving lessons as soon as celebrated in the beginning
March of this year its 17th anniversary. However, until recently, he practiced at
a much cheaper car. Brooklyn together with his instructor seen not just on the streets of London in a modest
Peugeot hatchback, clearly a rental. However, when the young man needed to pick up his girl — Chloe Moretz in a hotel, he chose to rent a much more expensive car with a driver.

Brooklyn Beckham at the wheel of his new car

Photo: @brooklynbeckham Instagram Brooklyn Beckham

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