The eldest son of Victoria Beckham gave his beloved a ring

Старший сын Виктории Бекхэм преподнес своей избраннице кольцо
Girlfriend Brooklyn excited about their future in-laws.

Brooklyn Beckham and Chloe Moretz

Photo: @brooklynbeckham/Instagram

The emergence of the actress
Chloe Moretz on the streets of new York attracted the attention of not only the paparazzi, but
ordinary passers-by. The fact that on the wedding finger of the girl glittered
quite a massive gold ring on which was engraved a large
the letter “B” — but it begins with her name, boyfriend of Chloe, the eldest son of Victoria Beckham. Later one
friends of a young man confirmed the ring had been given her do Brooklyn. Apparently
it is still not an official engagement. Such rings are usually called “rings
loyalty” and present to their beloved as a sign of promise to keep their feelings and do not change the choice.

for the third “round” of the relationship of Chloe and Brooklyn. But this time they seem serious
intentions towards each other. The first novel, the young Moretz and Beckham began in
2014 and then lasted about a year. Then
they were together again in 2016 to once again break up after a while. As
hinted then Chloe, their relationship was hindered by the distance. It actively
starred in the movie, traveling around the world. And Brooklyn most of the year lived with
parents in London.

However, this year
he decided to study photography at University and with this purpose in
September moved to new York, where he lives and Moretz, when she is not removed. And
here they are again reunited. By the way, Chloe has recently stated that it absolutely
do not confuse the pause in their relationship: “apparently, we chose each other.
Because every time we meet after break, we have a feeling
we parted only yesterday, and nothing in our feelings have not changed. Not
matter what we are doing when we are together. Importantly, we had
the opportunity to hug each other…”

It is curious that, as
Moretz admitted that she loves to borrow from the Brooklyn of his shirt, “jinsuke”.
“By the way, his mother Victoria knows this and doesn’t mind. It is generally
simply amazing. I just adore her!” – said Chloe.