The eldest son of Victoria Beckham didn’t come to the birthday of the mother

Старший сын Виктории Бекхэм не пришел на день рождения матери
Brooklyn chose to have fun at the festival in the company of girlfriends.

Старший сын Виктории Бекхэм не пришел на день рождения матери

Victoria Beckham with David


The members of the family Victoria Beckham’s husband David and youngest sons 13-year-old Romeo and 11-year-old Cruz together with baby Harper, which was barely five years old — did everything
to birthday memorable star for a long time. 42nd birthday — not “round” date, but relatives tried to deliver joy and Victoria to maintain a good mood. The reason for the despair among Mrs Beckham was at the festival was her favorite, the eldest son, 17-year-old Brooklyn.

For starters, spouse Victoria has written a touching message that is posted in social networks. “Happy birthday, my
love! We wish happiness this beautiful and passionate woman! May this day
will be wonderful, and we will try to pamper you because you deserve it,
to you spoiled. For your 42 years you had time to do much, but I know that
for you this is just the beginning!” — wrote David.

A few days prior to the day of birth
wife, David’s children were running around the shops, buying gifts for the hero of the festivities. The paparazzi managed to shoot the father of the family with a few siblings
boutiques. And in
himself birthday David arranged for his wife a surprise party at the Nobu Malibu club. Everything went fine,
though some of the visitors of the restaurant noticed that Victoria occasionally
didn’t look too cheerful. Apparently still upset
the decision of the eldest son to miss the traditional family holiday.

And Brooklyn, meanwhile having fun on
the festival Сoachella, and not one, but in the company of his girlfriend
The Chloe Moretz. Recall that Chloe Brooklyn had met before — in 2014, we broke up for the sake of an affair with Sonia Ben Ammar. But recently, he threw Sonya and returned to
Chloe. As previously reported, Victoria does not approve of such a frivolous way she
believes, his son’s behavior.

Victoria Beckham with Brooklyn


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