The eldest son of Valerie brilliantly graduated from the University of Geneva

Старший сын Валерии блестяще окончил университет в Женеве The singer is very proud of Artem. Unlike his brother and sister, 21-year-old Artemy Shulgin not followed in the footsteps of famous mom Valerie. The young man chose not the music, and the economy.

      Старший сын Валерии блестяще окончил университет в Женеве

      The singer Valery these days have an overwhelming sense of pride and joy for her son Artemy Shulgin. Guy brilliantly completed his studies at the prestigious foreign University. On the eve of Artemy graduated from University Webster in Geneva, where he studied at two faculties – the programming and Finance.

      “My boy, my happiness, brilliantly graduated from the University. Smart, talented, dedicated, diligent, is our parent pride” – shared maternal joy with the followers of a microblog the singer Valeria. Fans of the star immediately began to congratulate her. “For all parents it’s such happy moments! Joy for children is the highest ideal, truth”, “Congratulations Lera, what a happiness, when our us pleasing” leave a comment followers of the singer.

      It should be noted that with the future Artemy Shulgin decided long ago. Unlike his brother and sister, the guy decided not to devote himself to music, and the study of the economy as it is planning to become a businessman. Artemiy went to the capital of Switzerland while still a schoolboy. The young man graduated from the International school in Geneva, where he studied in the IB system (international baccalaureate). That is, after that he could choose for admission any University in the world, but decided to stay in Switzerland. For success in International school Artemy Shulgin received a grant from the University to pay a portion of the study.

      Старший сын Валерии блестяще окончил университет в Женеве

      Is to pay tribute to the singer Valeria, she’s never had children around him and was sympathetic to their choice, providing complete freedom of choice and action. Now the actress has a great relationship with the eldest daughter, 22-year-old Anna and two sons, 21-year-old Artem and 17-year-old Arseny. Despite the fact that she had a lot of time was spent on creativity, she constantly tried to wonder what happens in the lives of her children.

      Valeria thinks he’s doing the right thing for them was not to leave the scene. In her opinion, the heirs would not appreciate such a sacrifice, because very passionate about their own lives. Two children of the singer is passionate about music – Anna takes her first steps in show business, Arseniy understands the skill of the pianist. Artemy is keen to assert itself as a business man.

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