The eldest son of Angelina Jolie refused brad pitt

Старший сын Анджелины Джоли отказался от Брэда Питта 15-year-old Maddox, who is a celebrity adopted from Cambodia, wants to communicate with the former husband of the star. It is reported that a teenager skips meeting with brad pitt. Meanwhile, FBI agents interviewed Jolie, to initiate the investigation on the attack of her ex-spouse on Maddox.

      Старший сын Анджелины Джоли отказался от Брэда Питта

      The divorce of Hollywood stars Angelina Jolie and brad pitt acquires new details. Recently, 52-year-old actor for the first few weeks saw two daughters. Angelina brought them to the mansion ex-wife, located in East Hollywood. According to foreign media reports, the meeting pitt and the girls were very emotional, but not Jolie said during her one word. The actress and her heirs was accompanied by the practitioner.

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      After some time, journalists reported on the second meeting of brad with the kids. It is known that it lasted 90 minutes and took place in neutral territory. The actor was very happy to see children – 12-year-old pax, 11-year-old male, 10-year-old Shilo and 8-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox. However, 15-year-old Maddox, as reported by insiders, refused to communicate with her ex-husband of Angelina. The teenager never saw pitt with ever since the couple announced the divorce.

      It is also reported that Maddox was very close to Angie and has a great impact. A source close to the actress says that the eldest son Jolie doesn’t want to communicate with Hollywood actor and considers himself his son. According to him, the teen never wants to see brad. Maddox believes that once Jolie broke up with pitt, he should do the same.

      Старший сын Анджелины Джоли отказался от Брэда Питта

      Meanwhile, the divorce proceedings of celebrities became interested in the FBI. It is known that the representatives of agencies interviewed angelina Jolie. The conversation took place at her home in Malibu, rented by the actress after her breakup with her husband. The conversation of agents with the Hollywood star lasted more than three hours. At the moment they collect evidence and other evidence to initiate an investigation.

      Earlier in the press appeared information about the fact that they can make the case for the ex-spouse of Angelina. The actor is suspected in the attack on Maddox. According to journalists, the chosen one Jolie had a fight with a teenager in a private plane stars. Portal TMZ reported that the words 15-year-old heir to Angelina ticked off pitt. The actor pounced on the teenager, but between them managed to stand Jolie. However, brad managed to touch his shoulder. The witnesses of this scene went to the police.