The eldest son hit home with Larsen went to the sixth grade without a bouquet of flowers

Старший сын Тутты Ларсен пошел в шестой класс без букета цветов
The presenter told us about an ideal school for children.

Старший сын Тутты Ларсен пошел в шестой класс без букета цветов

Son Hit Home With Larsen — Luca

September 1-known TV and radio presenter tutta Larsen spent two children to school. The eldest son hit home Luke went to the sixth grade and a daughter Martha in the second. Two kids in Pirogovskaya school, which parents are chosen not only for the quality of the educational process, but also respect each child as an individual.

Daughter Hit Home With Larsen — Martha

“Most of all in our school I like the fact that my children go there with pleasure. We have no school uniform, the children are free to dress up, even to ride scooters on the school corridors. The school should not suppress the child or break his identity, told tutta. For example, this year’s class Luke participates in the campaign “Children instead of flowers.” The teacher we gave one bouquet from a class and savings together with other parents will transfer to the charity Fund!”

In addition to regular school classes in the new academic year, Luca will be engaged in capoeira, which recently got into, but Martha will continue to do in the theater “Small moon”. Despite the fact that the daughter hit home only seven years old, she went in the second grade and even played in several productions of children’s theatre Studio.