The eldest daughter Valeria Gai Germany nursing a newborn sister

Старшая дочь Валерии Гай Германии нянчит новорожденную сестру The Director has published a touching photo with heirs. Valeria Gai Germanika fully trusts the eldest daughter of Octavia baby girl, whom they named the original name of Severina. The girl is a real mother’s helper.

      Старшая дочь Валерии Гай Германии нянчит новорожденную сестру

      Valeria Gai germanica became a mother for the second time on April 22. She gave birth to a charming girl in one of capital maternity homes. She was the original chosen name Severina. Baby was born a healthy baby via natural childbirth. The girl’s weight at birth was 3800 kg, growth – 53 see Now the mother and her heir is already at home, getting used to everyday life in the extended family structure.

      Most of the hospital Mr Severin was waiting for her sister Octavia. Eight-year-old girl is precocious responsibility, because she understands that mom is not easy one. Ex-husband Germanicus, dancer Vadim Lyubushkin removed from the Director’s life. After a painful divorce, the star no longer socializes with her ex-husband. There is evidence that it even put a dash in the column “father” in the birth certificate Came. So, Octavia is now my mother’s main carer to care for a newborn.

      Despite the fact that the baby is not even a month, Valeria easily trusts her eldest daughter. It is worth noting that Octavia is very heartwarming care about sjeverin. One of those really nice moments the Director captures in the photo. She has published on his page in Instagram picture in which older sister younger nurses.

      By the way, earlier this month Gai Germanika baptized the baby in the temple. The star decided not to delay the Grand mystery, despite the fact that the girl is not even a month. A young mother told me about this happy event in your Instagram. “The Baptism Of The Matrona Came. The photo with the two godparents”, signed with the rite of the baptism of Valeria.

      Valeria Gai Germanika baptized daughter

      Meanwhile, Germanicus had already left the decree. Just a week after giving birth, the Director held a meeting with colleagues, including a former participant of “Battle of psychics” Pakhomov. However, Germanicus during pregnancy has declared that does not plan long to stay on maternity leave, and will soon begin work on a new project.

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