Старшая дочь Татьяны Навки увлеклась опасным экстримом Sasha jumps into the water from the rock. Brave girl was published in the microblog video, which is breathtaking. Fans of Sasha Galinou called it a heroic act. 16-year-old daughter of the famous figure skater demonstrates absolute fearlessness.

      Daughter of the Olympic champion in figure skating Tatiana Navka and well-known trainer Alexander Zhulin 16-year-old Sasha proved her fans that she is incredibly brave girl.

      On his page in Instagram young beauty has published a short but very exciting video in which she is absolutely fearless jumping from the cliff into the sea. The clip is filmed in slow motion so the audience has the opportunity to consider the flight of Alexandra in detail, making sure that her daughter Tatiana Navka not only bold, but very graceful girl. Obviously, this is Sasha doing it is not the first time – she is very professional and wonderful to make your flight from the cliff.

      In the picture you can see how Sasha throws the leg forward to jump, and then keeps the body smoothly and almost silently enters the water. After the dive, the girl POPs up and calmly moves to the shore and the enthusiastic shouts of the man behind the scenes, apparently, removing her jump on camera.

      For all of you who saw the movie, it is obvious that entertainment Alexandra is a risk. The rock, though not very high, but he has a threshold, which can be hit and get injured. However, Sasha Zhulin, all calculated correctly.

      The girl is in good shape – sports are felt. Recall that the eldest daughter Tatiana Navka many years was engaged in big tennis, and even in twelve years was Russian champion in his age group.

      But about a year ago, Sasha decided to leave the sport due to injuries and other reasons. Tatiana Navka was sympathetic to the position of her daughter and supported Alexander.

      A talented successor of the famous figure skaters Sasha Zhulin have decided to try themselves in creativity. The girl has studied singing and has already recorded several songs under the pseudonym of Alexis. In early August, the young singer released his debut video for the track “breathe Me”. Despite the fact that the plot of the movie in the heart of the Alexia fight, two young men, in the life of a young singer not yet committed to have a meaningful relationship. Alexis: “I don’t date!”

      “I don’t date, and all the free time I devote to music and study. Of course I have, including friends, boys, we go to the cinema, cafes. But about Dating until I think early, I think,” said Alexis “StarHit”.

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