The eldest daughter Rasputina fights over the inheritance with his brother

Старшая дочь Распутиной борется за наследство с братом The former wife of the famous singer, who, according to some, he died after an attack of epilepsy, was left a spacious apartment in Moscow. On the property of Vladimir Yermakov can claim his children from different marriages.
Старшая дочь Распутиной борется за наследство с братом

Two weeks ago, has died, the first husband of singer Vladimir Ermakov. According to some reports, the man died of an epileptic seizure behind the scenes of the program “really”. The shooting itself invited Maria Rasputin, but she refused to answer questions about a former wife and left the Studio. Vladimir, who was cremated the second day after his death, left four-room apartment in Moscow.

Victor Zakharov: “Ex-husband Rasputina buried as homeless”

“Lida, eldest daughter Mary, is the legal heir to the property of his father, Ermakova, told the “StarHit” the current husband of singer Victor Zakharov. – Before he lived in this big apartment with Mary, but after the divorce she left him. Ermakov did not like to work and rented the rooms to be to live on. And to the extent insolent that was discharged from the apartments own little girl. In the end, I bought her house, so he and his deception managed to sell…
Старшая дочь Распутиной борется за наследство с братом

At Ermakova have another heir is the eldest son from his first marriage. Turns out, they are the Lida family on his father, but never spoke. The guy refused to bury the Pope, they say, no money, but immediately entered the apartment and almost barricaded themselves there. Well, nothing, six months will fly out like a lamb. We will manage the entire process.”

By law, the siblings will take the right of inheritance in 6 months. Young people will need to apply to the notary office. The last two years, 32-year-old woman lives with her mother and regularly passes preventive treatment in a special clinic. She started to have mental problems in the late 90-ies, after the divorce of his parents.

In a recent program “the Destiny of man” eldest daughter of the stars have publicly addressed her. “I want to thank my mother and her family for what they are I never gave up, because they forgave me when I repented all over the country, adopted into his family, – said the eldest daughter of the stars. – Mother, Victor evstafievich, their children. I am very grateful, I love them very much. They carry me and groceries and things my mother never forgot. I thank them very much”.

Recall that Lydia Yermakova was born in 1985. Father and eldest daughter Masha Rasputina broke up over twenty years ago. Now the actress is married to producer Viktor Zakharov, the couple have shared the heiress Maria.