Старшая дочь Виктора Логинова отказывается говорить с отцом о личной жизни The girl introduces daddy with the boys. Viktor Loginov grow four children, and each of the tries need to find your approach. The star of the show “Happy together” told about the relationship in the family.
Старшая дочь Виктора Логинова отказывается говорить с отцом о личной жизни

Viktor Loginov, remembered by the audience for her role in the TV series “Happy together”, is the father of four children: daughter Anna, now 24 years old, eldest son Dmitry – 16 Alexander – 11, and Ivan, six. However, none of the mothers of the heirs of the artist was not able to live life. In 2016, he announced the divorce from latest wife. In spite of parting with their wives, the actor has continued to communicate with children. He tries to properly educate them and trying to guide in difficult situations of choice. However, Loginova never forbids sons and daughters.

“If a man wants something, he will do it. I am here in no limit, so I am with a parachute jump, went down into the mine and for four years worked as a lifeguard. What I just did! But, on the other hand, something to suggest and indicate the direction of their children is the bounden duty of parents. For example, if my children ever want to devote himself to the acting profession, I’ll have to tell them about all the difficulties in this sphere”, – said Victor.

Sons interested in the work of his dad, but until about an acting career I do not dream. It is much more important to do well in school.

“They periodically come to me on the set. Recently we shot a TV series about cops. We put the scenery of the area, including the prison, the examination room. There they were worn! When the children arrived, I thought they were father missed. It turned out that was wrong. They were in a rush to run the prison, behind the bars to sit. Usually children are drawn to cats-dogs, and my to-prison run! But seriously, kids school takes a lot of time, because the exam has not been canceled, now it serves since the first grade. Despite the fact that I consider myself a very intelligent person with knowledge of mathematics, is that trying to verify lessons from a fifth grader and are in a stupor,” said Victor in an interview with “Interlocutor”.

“She’s an independent person, let talks about his personal life. I once tried to open my mouth on this subject, so she told me off. And daughter in this law, I should not interfere in her personal life. The best thing I can do is give advice when it is asked!” – explained Victor.

He logins with age loved to do tattoos. As he admitted, he deliberately went to that, because they understood the importance of symbols. “I, for example, before applying the first figure on yourself, I thought for ten years. Each sign that is present on my body, I have lived through and somehow stresses me,” said the actor.

Loginov tries to communicate on an equal footing with children. But eldest daughter Anna always trusts the father of her secrets. In particular, it does not discuss their relationships with Boyfriends.