The eldest daughter of the singer Maksim became a model

Старшая дочь певицы МакSим стала моделью
The singer talks about the achievements of Alexandra.

Старшая дочь певицы МакSим стала моделью

It seems that soon in the Russian fashion business will be a new star.
Daughter of Alexander Mack tries himself as a model. She became the face of the new
collections of children’s brand. The singer is very proud of her daughter and wishes her
to enjoy the work.

Fans noticed that her daughter singer
was very similar to his mother. “Growing up… Before was like a father, and
now the mother!” “Just like her mother, good girl!”, “What a charming, smile like the
mom! The beauty of it,” wrote Mack.

Alexander finishes the second grade, which the artist
chosen on the recommendation of friends.

Recall that Maksim brings up another daughter for two years
Mary. The singer believes that the characters of the daughters are quite similar. Now
when she has two children, the singer is schedule of concerts, given
needs of girls.