Старшая дочь Меладзе рассказала, что папа на диете

Now the singer, along with three daughters, resting on the Cote d’azur.

Valery Meladze carefully guards his personal life from prying eyes, so journalists rarely know what’s going on in his family. However his adult daughter sometimes “hand over” the Pope on social networks.

Now Valery Meladze together with the children from his first marriage, Inga, Sophia and Arina – resting on the Cote d’azur in France. A joint picture with one of the shared dinners and the eldest of the daughters, 25-year-old Inga. With the irony of his signing: “the Pope – diet, children dessert.”

The photo shows that each of the girls brought the cake, and in front of Valery Meladze is only a glass of water. But it is worth noting that the singer’s diet won’t hurt. The last time he must admit, slightly plump. Now looks tanned, rested and already more fit.

Admirers noted the fact that look all the family members very happy. Everyone is smiling at the camera. So, the rest failed. Incidentally, for several years, Valery Meladze cancels summer concerts to spend it with the children.

“In my opinion, I have too little time to devote to the children – admitted in an interview with Woman’s Day singer. And finally decided at least in the summer to rectify this situation. I am so thrill when I spend time with them…”

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