Старшая дочь Маши Распутиной бесследно исчезла According to some, Lydia does not communicate with his brother. Friends of the former husband of Maria Rasputina, Vladimir Yermakov told about that the woman did not return calls and is in no hurry to enter into the inheritance. Probably, the successor of the artist observed in a medical facility.
Старшая дочь Маши Распутиной бесследно исчезла

As journalists, the eldest daughter Masha Rasputina Lydia mysteriously disappeared. It is alleged that the woman in no hurry to claim a four-room apartment in Moscow, passed to her from her father Vladimir Ermakov. Ex-husband of the famous singer died in October last year, leaving children – son Alex from his first marriage and Lydia – real estate in the capital.

According to correspondents, brother Ermakova unable to contact her. Alexei concerned that Lydia has not yet applied for membership in the inheritance. This media representatives said the colleague and friend Vladimir Yermakov Olga Munchausen.

“The other day I got a call Alexey Ermakov said that he opened a notary probate case, and my sister can’t find. It is spelled out in the van in the town of Sergiev Posad, but nothing. What to say if the last six months before his death, it could not even find my own father. The phone it turned off and never appeared” – quoted in the press, the artist of the parody genre.
Старшая дочь Маши Распутиной бесследно исчезла

Masha Rasputina herself is unwilling to talk to journalists about her daughter. It is known that the artist is a complicated relationship with Lydia. Over a long period of time the star could not establish communication with the heiress. Just about two years ago, Rasputin was reunited with Lydia. Meeting loved ones showed in the program “New Russian sensations”. Masha’s family took Lydia in his house, and gave her a solemn dinner in the restaurant on Rublevo-Uspensky highway.

Старшая дочь Маши Распутиной бесследно исчезла“I hope to God my daughter never fell into a rage against his mother, and that our family has found peace and love, all realized,” the singer said at the meeting with Lydia.

In October last year, Rasputin became the heroine of transfer “the Destiny of man”. Lidiya Ermakova was not present in the Studio of Boris Korchevnikov. The daughter of the actress recorded a video message to her in which he expressed gratitude for the support.

Старшая дочь Маши Распутиной бесследно исчезла“I’m Lydia Yermakova, I want to thank my mother and her family for what they are I never gave up, because they forgave me when I repented all over the country, adopted into his family. Mom, Victor evstafievich, their children. I am very grateful, I love them very much. They carry me and groceries and things my mother never forgot. I thank them very much”, – said the heiress stars.

It is known that Lydia has health problems, so it affects doctors. It is possible that the daughter Rasputina is now in a medical facility. At the very least, acquaintances of her father Ermakova does not exclude this possibility. “At the grave of the father she never arrived,” – said Olga Munchausen in an interview with “Express newspaper”.