Старшая дочь Елены Прокловой попыталась отречься от нее The actress fainted when they heard the terrible words from the heiress. Elena Proklova remembered the tragic moment of his life, when Arina didn’t want to be with her in one apartment. Only many years later mother and daughter were able to establish a relationship.
Старшая дочь Елены Прокловой попыталась отречься от нее

Famous actress Elena Proklova told about one of the most dramatic episodes of his life. Her eldest daughter Arina, knowing that mother is getting married for the second time, refused to live with her. 12-year-old girl decided that she would live with grandma and grandpa.

One day before the performance Elena Proklova called home, where, she thought, is Arina. But no one picked up the phone. Then, the actress has gained parents ‘ room, it turned out that the girl had left them.

Старшая дочь Елены Прокловой попыталась отречься от нее“She told me that she would live with grandma and grandpa is remembered in the program of NTV “the Secret to a million” Elena Proklova. He said: “I am with you do not want to live, and if there’s a trial, I’ll deny. I’m 12 years old have a right to.” I fainted after those words. Don’t remember how I came to like played until intermission. My legs gave way, I lost orientation”.

The actress admitted – she knew that she brought to this situation. After divorcing her first husband, father of Arina, a documentary filmmaker Vitaly Melik-by Karimovym, she dangled on tour and engaged in personal life. Widow lovers Elena Proklova responded to her apology

Arina almost all the time was with my grandmother and occasionally mom would take her to him. “Of course she was used to a different routine – home, school yard friend, a caring grandmother, – says Elena Proklova. – When she was mine, I gave her the job and appeared later in the evening. Of course, she didn’t like it. I realized that I had lost the baby. She was the daughter of my parents.”

Старшая дочь Елены Прокловой попыталась отречься от нее

The actress remembered that Arina 15-16 years reproached her that she was a bad mother. Meanwhile, the Elena Proklova does not think so. She tried to do to her heiress of nothing needed.

“My concern was that she was well-dressed, and on the table was the best food,” says Proklova.
Старшая дочь Елены Прокловой попыталась отречься от нее

Over time, the relationship between mother and daughter has thawed. But now, Arina said that after leaving grandparents feeling orphaned, and even both parents are unable to fill the void.

Complicated relationship from Elena Proklova now with her granddaughter Alice. The girl is 21, she is studying in architectural Institute and are not very eager to chat with the famous grandmother.

“Seeing each other very rarely, and she calls once a year, when mom would tell her on the head. I was just ringing to congratulate her on her birthday. We all in the family – the younger must call the older. On her feast me and my youngest daughter is not invited. I gave my granddaughter a apartment that she lived there and studied. And I was not even invited to the housewarming. It’s a shame,” admitted Proklova.