The eighth season of “the vampire Diaries” is not the limit

Восьмой сезон «Дневников вампира» не предел

Ian Somerhalder decided to clarify his statement that the TV series “the vampire Diaries” will cease to exist on the eighth season.

The actor on his Twitter page wrote that his answer was misunderstood when he answered the question about the future of the series.

“Last weekend I talked to the audience and they asked me about “the vampire Diaries”. Somehow it so happened that I said that the show is ending and will end on the eighth season. Actually, the people who make the decision about the closure of the series, still discussing this issue and the final word has not been told yet. So let me get this straight again: the seventh season ends, we rest, sleep, give the writers time to finish writing the eighth season and start working on it. And then see which way we should move. With love, Ian” — wrote the actor on the eve, April 13.


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