The dying Liza Minnelli is planning a private funeral

Умирающая Лайза Минелли планирует собственные похороны

She lived a colorful and full of wonderful events life, however famous and successful actress Liza Minnelli under the sunset of their days are faced with disease, poverty and loneliness. Seventy-year-old Hollywood star bequeathed to her remains buried with her mother Judy garland at the cemetery, Los Angeles, and then all the deceased relatives, including a brother and sister of actress Lorna, and Joey(still live) will be buried in one place.

“At first Lisa wanted to be buried separately, but after the funeral she started thinking about a joint burial,” said Minelli reporters.
Liza’s mother is now buried near his home in new York, and her daughter is already engaged organizing their own funeral and move them with the mother of ashes in Los Angeles.
“Lisa is planning to detail his own funeral. She wants everything to be stylish, as she would have liked. For example, she wants to during the burial of playing music from Broadway musicals. With clothes she’s still undecided, but it will or her favorite blue dress, or red. She would like to. so the funeral was more like a holiday” — said the insider.
Minnelli have recorded a video that will scroll gathered for the funeral of relatives and friends. Just once did her ex-husband David Gest, who in his suicide video he said about his illness, desire to live and friendship with Michael Jackson.
“Lisa liked the idea, and she really wants to do the same, only more grandiose. She will turn to friends and family personally, remember a few very dear colleagues, and she will start the dialogue from “Cabaret”. She is sure that will not be the person who will not drop a tear for it” — said the insider.
Recall that the beloved mother of a celebrity, the star of “the Wizard of oz”, died from an accidental drug overdose in 1969, and her body rests in a mausoleum in a cemetery in new York. Because in a huge mausoleum more than one of the relatives did not want to be buried, then there is no need to include the whole burial chamber, especially since almost all relatives of celebrities is at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles.
Minnelli’s sister Lorna was diagnosed with second stage breast cancer in 2012. After a series of chemotherapy treatments she is in tolerable condition. Before my sister was not too close, but in the face of death and decided to establish relations.
Lisa herself has also long been suffering from a whole bunch of diseases, plus, they say, again found solace in alcohol and drugs. Her love of life in a big way, and the cost of treatment is so high that it is necessary to say goodbye to family heirlooms. So last year she put up for sale three portraits of her mother, and shortly before the portraits of her father, Vincent Minnelli.