The Duo children of the singer Valeria made a splash on the Network

Дуэт детей певицы Валерии произвел фурор в Сети Anna and Arseniy Shulgin sang the song impromptu. Sister and brother won fans for its musicality. The young people came up with a new version of Anna Shulgina “Hang out” and ripped off his portion of the virtual applause.

      Children of famous singer Valeria, the eldest daughter Anna and younger son Arseny, as their star mom, is seriously passionate about creativity. Young man who just recently turned 18, has already declared himself as a talented pianist. Arseny Shulgin is the winner of Russian and international competitions, performed a concert at the Moscow Conservatory. 23-year-old Anna Shulgin is actively engaged in a career in show business: writes songs, sings, and participates in various projects.

      The brother and sister showed fans that they could develop and work together. Arseniy and Anna Shulgina Duo performed the excerpt from the song girls to “Hang out”. The young man first, was accompanied by his older sister, and then joined in with her. In comments to the video the daughter of the singer Valeria has published on his page in Instagram, Anna gave to understand that it was impromptu. “So immediately came up with a new version of my song “Hang out.” We with Arseny Shulgin time in the dressing room don’t lose,” wrote rising star in the pop scene.

      Followers of Anna was thrilled with her duet with brother. They threw a few compliments creative and expressed confidence that Valeria can be proud of their children.

      “Cool. Arseny generally good”, “Divine”, “Great! I think talented people are talented in everything”, “What are you fellows. When I watched, I got the idea how proud of you mother!” “Arseniy sings very well”, “What chic”, – such comments leave fans star families under the post Anna Shulgina.

      It is not excluded that inspired by the success of the Network, brother and sister will want to repeat their experience on the big stage.

      It is worth noting that Valeria is one of the most exemplary mothers on the Russian stage. For a long time she has successfully combined raising three children, but never left the stage – always pleased the fans with new songs. Valeria kept the kids under total control

      Now the actress has a great relationship with her eldest daughter Anna and two sons Arseny and Artem. Despite the fact that she had a lot of time was spent on creativity, she constantly tried to wonder what happens in the lives of her children.