The Dukes of Cambridge celebrate five years of marriage

Герцоги Кембриджские празднуют пятилетие брака

Today from the Duke of Cambridge, as they Prince William and Kate Middleton, fifth wedding anniversary. Based on a novel and subsequent married life of the monarchs eyes of the entire world, however it does not prevent them to be happy and raise children – Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Despite the seemingly fabulous life, on the shoulders of a fragile Kate lay a big responsibility, and even now she’s worried that she will be able to do “something”.
Kate from a simple family, but she managed to become part of the Royal family, while William is very supportive of it. At the moment, her only mistake is that she often speaks in public, but over time this will change,” — wrote “court” journalist Ingrid Seward.
To celebrate the wooden wedding of Kate and William going in a private manner normal family dinner.
Recall that the wedding of the Prince and his lady was held in 2011 and became the event of the year, which was watched online by 72 million viewers.

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