The Duchess of Cambridge first showed pregnant tummy

Герцогиня Кэмбриджская впервые показала беременный животик
Catherine hinted at the sex of the baby.

Герцогиня Кэмбриджская впервые показала беременный животик

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Yesterday the Duchess of Cambridge has pleased his
fans, for the first time appeared in public after almost six weeks
break. Last time she was seen was in late August when she took part
in the events dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana.

Recall that Catherine is expecting her third child and, as during his two
previous pregnancies, she is again suffering from a very unpleasant complications “hypermesis gravidarum” or, in simple language, extremely severe morning sickness the first trimester of pregnancy. Because of this
the Duchess had had time to announce that she is expecting a baby, and take
a long pause in performing the duties of a member of the Royal family. Moreover,
she couldn’t even spend 1 Sep son George in first grade.

To go out for the first time after the break, the Duchess
decided on a very important occasion: the International Day of Mental health.
On this occasion we organized a big reception at Buckingham Palace. And Catherine,
who along with her husband William and Prince Harry is an activist
movement in support of suffering from such diseases, had made the effort,
in order not to miss important event. In fact, as explained by the assistant
the Duchess, although the wife of William feels a little better to normal
state it is still far.

However, in spite of that, Catherine looked pretty good. She was dressed for the occasion
reception in a charming gown from Temperley London pale blue color, and many regarded it as
the hint that she’s expecting a boy. Besides, form-fitting style of dress gave
the opportunity to see her not quite flat stomach.