Барабанщик группы «Черный кофе» Сергей Черняков найден мертвым Neighbors found the body of musician at his apartment in the city of Bryansk. Law enforcement agencies are checking. According to unofficial information, the body and mind of a rock musician discovered the injury.
Барабанщик группы «Черный кофе» Сергей Черняков найден мертвым

Man without life signs was found yesterday neighbors, worried his long absence – door apartment of a rock musician was open. They called the police. The last years of Sergei lived alone, had consumed alcohol and never worked. Militiamen do not exclude that the corpse of 58-year-old musician had been in the apartment more than one day.

“On this fact an inspection is carried out. While investigators found no trace of the crime. Appointed forensic medical examination, the results will be the final decision”, – told the “StarHit” the official representative of the regional SU IC.
Барабанщик группы «Черный кофе» Сергей Черняков найден мертвым

Journey as an artist began in the mid 1970-ies. He graduated from the Bryansk musical school on a class of percussion instruments, and in the early 80s, became a member of VIA “leisya, pesnya”. Together with Valery Kipelov and Nikolai Rastorguev drummer released the song “Radio best”.

Then Sergey is in the group “Black coffee” recorded the albums “Light metal”, “cross the threshold”. Traveled with the team the whole of the USSR, having been on tour in Europe, Chernyakov decides to leave VIA.

In the early ‘ 90s, the musician collaborated with Olga Kormukhina. He was in demand in the music market and, in recognition of the artists, was one of the best drummers of the Soviet Union.

But the sunset of life Chernyakov barely making ends meet, sometimes at the elderly man had no money even for food. Sergei fed up of old friends. And trying to make money on master classes, teaching activities, records in the Studio – without success. In social networks admirers of the once famous musician collect money to arrange his funeral.