Водитель Анастасии Волочковой взят под стражу после ограбления
The malefactor criminal case.


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Driver Anastasia
Volochkova Alexander Skirtach, stole ballerina about 200 thousand rubles, was taken into custody. In
the moment he is in prison, against him a criminal case. However,
the amount presented in the police report, is very different from that of which
said Anastasia. Police yet proven in total
Volochkova was stolen 90 thousand rubles, namely: has the amount of money in
$ 676 31 rubles 80 kopecks, received from artist for technical
service car “Maybach”, and stolen a laptop worth 59 thousand rubles.

We will remind, the former star of the Bolshoi theatre has hired 41-year-old
Alexander Skirtach from Rostov after wealthy admirer gave
her pearl “Maybach” cost 15 million rubles. A new employee from the first
look called Anastasia human sympathy, they drew up a contract, and he
became her unofficial confidant.

Wrong Volochkova began to notice pretty soon. In the end
last year, Alexander drove to the right addresses gifts that Anastasia
made friends, and then he begged her a considerable sum — more than 200
thousand rubles. Allegedly the money was needed for the funeral of his mother, who, as it turned out, alive and well. This amount, which was originally intended for
the payment of salaries to the staff Volochkova, no one else saw. In addition,
the star of the ballet was often trusted the driver to get fees for her appearances and
take them to the Bank. The money Alexander was also awarded.