The driver of Anastasia Volochkova responded to the accusations of theft

Водитель Анастасии Волочковой ответил на обвинения в воровстве Famous dancer filed a lawsuit against his employee Alexander Skirtach, accusing him of fraud and robbery. The man decided not to stand aside and said that he would defend himself.
Водитель Анастасии Волочковой ответил на обвинения в воровстве

Scandal with driver Anastasia Volotskoi does not cease, because the star has officially submitted an application to the investigating authorities to bring the man to justice. Earlier, the ballerina said that Alexander Skirtach who have worked there for a few years, forged signatures of celebrities and stealing her work.

Anastasia is furious at cruel hoax of the driver.

“You love a person, then he betrays you. Sasha was not of subordination, we spent a lot of time together,” the actress candidly shares in an interview for the program “New Russian sensations”.
Водитель Анастасии Волочковой ответил на обвинения в воровстве

According to the mother of the ballerina Tamara Vladimirovna, the driver forged power of attorney was in frequent contact with business partners Volochkova instead of her. Star fully trust Skirtach, which, according to cousin Anastasia used her for their own purposes.

Now, however, Alexander decided to make a statement. He stressed that the former employer is behaving very rudely.

“Nastya, I beg you to stop humiliating my family. Your emotions to me was not sincere, and all that you say — the rudeness. I’m a man and not a beast. I’m not in front than to make excuses. If you threaten me, I will defend myself,” said the man.

Earlier, Skirtach not been in contact with journalists. Itself Volochkova admits that is still in shock from the situation. However, she is ready to meet with a former driver himself and discuss the situation, but only if Alexander will bring a public apology.

“I want him returned the money and apologized to his mother, which he pseudo buried on 25 March this year. But the funeral was. And people he took money from me on this sad occasion, I went with one of the wives in the sauna and the restaurant,” shares his experiences a ballerina.

The mother of the stars and is sure the former driver was able to kidnap her granddaughter Ariadne and demand a ransom for her. Also Tamara said that because of all the upheaval she started having health problems. “He brought me to a hypertensive crisis. The doctor confirmed that the situation is very serious, and only after that she believed that I did not pretend play,” says the mother Volochkova.

Former driver claims that may disclose unknown information about his employer, if the pressure of her will not stop. Now the conflict Anastasia Volochkova and Alexander Skirtach reached a new level, because in the case of the stolen money will be dealt with by the investigating authorities.