The dove of peace, or who will go to Eurovision?

Голубь мира, или кто поедет на «Евровидение»? I’m not joining the group of journalists who call the legislative activity of the Deputy Vitaly Milonov “a series of absurd initiatives and the crazy antics”.

      Голубь мира, или кто поедет на «Евровидение»?

      Happened to Vitaly Valentinovich and insight, he initiated the cancellation of school on Saturdays, and co-author of the bill accommodation in St. Petersburg areas for dog walking. Today the call of the MP Milonov – do not send to Kiev for the “Eurovision-2017” Russian artists – have provoked a lot of discussion in the media. But I think this discussion can be valuable, if not to insult the opponent with the mandate, and to put the question differently.

      Which of our performers will be the dove of peace, on hearing which the Kiev audience will explode with applause? As last year’s song of the winner of the competition of Ukrainian Jamala. Can, be considered favorite of our khokhlushka – Natasha Koroleva, Sofia Rotaru, Vera Brezhneva? Personally I have an ACE in the hole. In a recent interview with me by Robbie Williams (his last year’s hit Party Like a Russian – “Rejoice, as Russian” remembered by many) loved our country and ready to act at the Eurovision song contest under the Russian flag. Imagine what will happen in the hall, when the dove of peace, the British spread its wings, will be released on the Kiev stage?