The double life of Leonardo DiCaprio: a new romance with the model and feelings to Kate Winslet

Двойная жизнь Леонардо Ди Каприо: новый роман с моделью и чувства к Кейт Уинслет The actor was seen with Lorena ray, and then – with a colleague on “Titanic”. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet had a great time in Saint-Tropez. The actors themselves say that they are connected only friendship. By the way, at the moment the man is 23-year-old fiancee, and his actress – spouse.
Двойная жизнь Леонардо Ди Каприо: новый роман с моделью и чувства к Кейт Уинслет

In late August, Leonardo Villa in Saint-Tropez as if turned into a film set for the continuation of the movie “Titanic”. Only clothes for Leo and his partner Kate Winslet was less, stood the tropical heat, and the heated water in the pool is not threatened them in any trouble. 41-year-old Kate came to France to participate in the charity event environment facility Leonardo. 42-year-old gentleman gallantly offered her to share with him shelter, a table and the edge of the pool. Half-naked couple sunbathing, goofing around, hugging each other to the delight of the paparazzi. However believe our eyes with twenty years of delay takes place, “Roman century”, is impeded by two facts: Kate is married, and Leo just showed the public a new lover – 23-year-old German model Lorena ray.

Girl from the North

Двойная жизнь Леонардо Ди Каприо: новый роман с моделью и чувства к Кейт Уинслет

Lorena joined the entourage of Leonardo in may – shortly after his breakup with Nina Agdal. The actor met with the Danish model may 2016 and seemed very interested, but then interfered with the inexorable time. Nina was 25 years old – the age at which Leo begins to regard girlfriends as oldest old women, to give them a place in the transport and translate across somewhere away from yourself.

After the relationship, Leonardo usually announces an open casting call. This spring he gathered a merry bunch of models on his yacht off the coast of Monaco. Among them was Lorena, but reporters did not even bother to identify her. The experience of observing preferences of Leo, the dark-haired girl is almost certainly an outsider, taken on Board to set off the blondes.

However, in July, Lauren received an offer to join another sea voyage – this time near St Tropez. And in August, Leo took her to a traditional bike ride in new York. It has long been a rite of passage, because the girl knows how to ride a bike, close to the actor have nothing to do, no matter how beautiful in all other respects it was. However, Lauren made a mistake. Going for a walk, she dressed for Leonardo, and it was necessary for bike. But she somehow coped with the difficulties of pedaling in the little black dress. The next meeting is, of course, a real date: first potential lovers went to a contemporary art exhibition and then dinner in the restaurant on Fifth Avenue.

“They were very gentle with each other”, – reported by eyewitnesses.
Двойная жизнь Леонардо Ди Каприо: новый роман с моделью и чувства к Кейт Уинслет

Of course, it caused a surge of interest in the life and work of a young German model. Lorena hails from the city of Wolfsburg in Lower Saxony. At home, she achieved success, working with labels s.Oliver, Thomas Sabo, Hugo Boss. Met with Oliver Housinga – player of the club’s third League. Deciding to try his luck in America, Lorena had to change the real name of the Rape, because in English this word means “rape”. If Leonardo really became interested in it, we can assume that luck Lorena smiled.

A natural attraction

Kate Winslet, for its part, remains a friend of Leonardo longer than all of its models combined. “Leo is experiencing deep feelings for her from the first meeting on the set of “Titanic”, say friends of the actor. – Then he called her the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. This situation persists to this day. Ask Leo, with any of the Actresses he liked to kiss in front of the camera, and he will answer: “Kate Winslet”. With any of his conquests he did not have the emotional and intellectual proximity, with Kate.”

Leo and Kate ever. When she starred in the drama “the Mountain between us”, was always sent to a friend a photo of their cold bitten faces and received in response to dozens of scared Emoji. And her husband Ned Roknroll, meanwhile, worked as an errand boy, carrying for wife warm blankets and a thermos of tea. Leonardo is ready to confirm that Kate is in his life a special place.

“We always had a natural attraction, he says. We become older, wiser, but still the same as 20 years ago. We are concerned and amused by the same things. Kate does not allow me to resist the urge to “give” a great artist, even when I want to”.
Двойная жизнь Леонардо Ди Каприо: новый роман с моделью и чувства к Кейт Уинслет

The problem is that Kate clearly sees the boundaries of their “crystal” friendship. According to the actress, Leo respects and even idolizes her because they did not have sexual relations. “For him I was always one of the guys – said the actress. – The only thing that makes our friendship possible.”