The dog Katie Gordon caused injury to a small child

Собака Кати Гордон нанесла травмы маленькому ребенку
Pet shocked the hostess of the attack.

Katya Gordon

Photo: @Instagram katyagordon Katie Gordon

Kate Gordon has decided to remind all dog owners to be vigilant and to be prepared for the fact that their beloved pet may suddenly show aggression towards others. Even the kindest dog, according to the artist, could attack someone. Kate knows about this situation firsthand: some time ago her dog attacked a small child, unsuccessfully played with the tail of the animal.

“Once, my dog that’s never bitten anyone and was the kindest dog on earth bit the child. Her child kicked, the dog turned around, grinning, and ripped a child’s nose… he wasn’t planning to eat the child, but he bit. There was blood, the hospital and the realization that an animal is an animal… and anything can happen.

You can be confident in your dog: your kids lay on him like a pillow, dragged the cat by the tail, but once the click and suddenly triggered something in the animal and it can bite, scratch, growl… I beg you, my dear lover and cat owner, do not lose vigilance. Remember that in your hands and the lives of your Pets and the lives of those around Pets. Wear muzzles on the walk, follow the law. And even at home! Even at home, do not let large animals, even the most tender and favorite to kids. Let my experience help you!” — advises Gordon.

A few days before this Kate made fun of the Network turnover in the group SEREBRO. On the day the producer Maxim Fadeev announced a new casting team.