The doctors went to desperate measures in the treatment of Oleg Tabakov

Врачи пошли на отчаянные меры в лечении Олега Табакова Doctors periodically introduce an actor in an artificial coma. Oleg Tabakov was admitted to the hospital at the end of November last year. For two months fans worry about their favorite artist and I wish him a speedy recovery.

The famous actor and head of the Moscow art theatre named after A. P. Chekhov Oleg Tabakov 27 November last year were hospitalized. About the state of his health has been conflicting information – say that he is on the planned examination and its concern about dental implants, according to other sources, he was diagnosed with pneumonia.

Today it became known that the doctors of the city clinical hospital №1 trying to do everything possible to cure the popular favorite. Doctors even had to take a desperate step – to ensure that the organism was able to relax, Oleg Pavlovich is administered in a medically induced coma.

In mid-December, representatives of the Moscow art theatre, who heads the tobacco, talked about the fact that the Maestro is preparing shortly to return to work. According to them, actor and Director at the time was much better – he could walk in the ward and develop muscles. Moreover, they suggested that in February or March, the audience will see it onstage.

In the theater said that the basic disease, pneumonia, he was on the mend. Fans were delighted to hear such information about the status of your favorite actor. Previously it was connected to system of artificial ventilation of lungs. At that time the representatives of the apostles believed that it was necessary to solve the problem with dental implants that were set wrong, because of what started the inflammatory process.

But in the middle of January the doctors again, announced some disturbing news – they made a prediction about the condition of 82-year-old people’s artist of the USSR. The doctors said that until now his condition is estimated as heavy. Specialists try to do everything possible to Oleg Pavlovich as soon as possible on the mend, but so far they do not see positive dynamics in its treatment. The status of Oleg Tabakov has deteriorated dramatically

Journalists of TV channel “Ren TV” has learned that tobacco courageously fighting the disease. When he regains consciousness, it executes all the instructions of doctors, but gets tired very quickly.

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