Врачи сделали новое заявление о смерти Жанны Фриске
In the media commented on the reason for the development of the artist is a terrible disease.

Zhanna Friske

Photo: Starface.ru

Shortly after the death of Jeanne Friske in the press began to appear reports of the demise of the artist “to blame” ECO. Allegedly due to the fact that the singer has resorted to the procedure of artificial insemination, which, as we know, is accompanied by hormonal therapy, she developed cancer. Despite the fact that family members deny that Plato was conceived “in vitro”, the majority of fans resides in the belief that ECO was the cause of the appearance of Jeanne deadly disease. Because of this, many prospective mothers have become more suspicious of this procedure.

Doctors recently re-commented on the departure Friske, which, in their opinion, could not be associated with IVF. “If we are talking about tumors that develop in the brain, itself, IVF is not affected. Artificial insemination is a blockage of the pituitary and stimulation of peripheral organs, particularly of eggs in the ovaries to grow. And if a woman is healthy, she has no processes can be. So for over a decade there are rules that before a woman goes for IVF, she needs to be examined carefully. And unsubstantiated to say all sorts of silly things — it’s like saying that if you sit in the subway, you can get cancer!” — quoted experts Sobesednik.ru.

Recall that some time ago the father of Jeanne — Vladimir Kopylov said that his grandson has a “new mom.” Dmitry Shepelev, civil husband of the singer, who is engaged in the education of Plato, attributed the affair with Xenia Stepanova, a former beautician Friske. According to the father of Jeanne, the close contact Xenia and TV stars began during the life of the singer and is still ongoing. It took all the hassle associated with caring for a small child artist.