The doctor patient HIV Charlie sheen accused him of violence

Врач больного ВИЧ Чарли Шина обвинил его в насилии Dr. Samir Charcoa, who was involved in the treatment of the actor from serious illness, was attacked by unknown people in masks. The bandits seized the woman and severely beat him. In the note found in the possession of criminals, provided the name Charlie sheen.

      Врач больного ВИЧ Чарли Шина обвинил его в насилии

      In November last year, Charlie sheen admitted that he was HIV positive. However, even a terrible diagnosis does not prevent the actor to become a hero crime reports. Recently, the police received a statement from the attending physician of the former star of the television show “anger Management” Samira Charcoa. Health worker claims that he was attacked by men hired by Shin.

      After about an illness of the actor became known to the General public, Charlie was examined by this doctor According to Charca, the actor has almost cured of HIV. In proof of his words Mexican doctor entered a vein blood sample of the actor. Shin considered this action inappropriate and stopped treatment from a physician.

      Samir Charcoa told police that in Mexico he was attacked by unknown men who seized his phone and beat him.

      “They promised to make me a shot of syringe with blood infected with HIV. Then they continued to beat me,” said the doctor.

      According to the medical worker, criminals were discussing among themselves that it is impossible to beat the victim to death, because then they will not receive money. The note, which Charcoa went to the police, it was said that the bandits were going to restore justice, and it provided the name Charlie sheen.

      By the way, the actor himself was an activist who advocates for safe sex and involved in various activities for promotion of contraception. In the beginning, he tried to stop at the time of treatment, to understand how his body will accept the rejection of medicines. Judging by the recent photos of the Bus with a charity reception in new York, his condition improved.

      “After I told the world about his illness, I like a stone fell from the soul. I realized that I should have done it much earlier. I immediately said to my mother: “the Disease of me will not overcome it”. I’ll be the first, then recover from it. Need to find a cure. I’m going to use every resource that is available to me. I will meet with experts in the field of medicine. When I find the cure, I’ll tell about it to everyone else,” said Shin after his confession about being HIV positive.

      However, the disease of the actor was strongly influenced by his relationships with women. Now no one wants to deal with the former macho man of Hollywood. Ex-girlfriend of the star demanded to pay them compensation for the fact that he had not informed them about their HIV. The price of silence: Charlie sheen will have to answer to ex-mistress in court

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