«Врач обманул меня на 37 миллионов»: сломавшая позвоночник Мария Комиссарова подала в суд Maria Komissarova spoke about the fraud encountered during rehabilitation — funds raised for her treatment, went to a unscrupulous doctor. Method of Spanish professional turned fiction. The girl was not able to restore health after a spinal fracture at the Olympics in Sochi.
«Врач обманул меня на 37 миллионов»: сломавшая позвоночник Мария Комиссарова подала в суд

About Maria Komissarova 15 Feb 2014 told the whole world when during a training session at the Olympics in Sochi, the main hope in freestyle skiing received a serious injury — she broke her back.

Despite the disappointing forecasts of doctors, Maria together with her husband Alexei Chaadayev went to Spain, where a specialist Blum promised her a rapid recovery in the event of use of its author’s method of treatment. And now, four years later, Komissarova said: its blatantly cheated.

“He promised to put me on my feet for a year of training. Was collected a lot of money, namely 28 million rubles. A year passed and nothing happened. Then we collected the money for another six months of treatment, and then reduced the number of trainings as could not wait any longer six hours per day. For two years the results have not been. Of course, my body became more fit, but I was not expecting this for 1500 euros per day,” said Maria.
«Врач обманул меня на 37 миллионов»: сломавшая позвоночник Мария Комиссарова подала в суд

According to 27-year-old girl, as the family was out of money, the doctor was losing interest in her. To the result, Komissarov decided to try another method of treatment which cost five times cheaper.

Realizing that the doctor had deceived her, and the money was spent in vain, Komissarov decided to appeal to the Spanish court.

“In the end, we spent about 500 thousand euros. Decided to go to Madrid to a lawyer. I filed a lawsuit, along with another man who also gets around in a wheelchair. He initially brought me to Dr. Blum. His situation is even worse: caused harm to the health of these machines, namely a fractured vertebra. The thing is, as a crime, I stand as a witness. His claim is likely to be considered faster than mine. In Spain, the courts may stretch to five years. But we do not hurry, gradually understand this business,” shared Maria with “StarHit”.

The sportswoman says that will plead with cheated her doctor to victory. According to female athletes, she wants to return the spent money, which she listed a variety of charitable organizations and caring people who wanted to help Mary in a difficult situation. If Komissarova succeed, to win, she hopes to give money to help sick children.

Fans have supported Mary in her quest to achieve justice. According to followers of the sportswoman, she is bound to win the court not only to ourselves, but to protect those who may fall into the trap of not conscientious physician. Mary noted that Dr. Blum is a very popular expert. His clinics operate not only in Spain but also in Russia, where there are many patients whom he had deceived.

“I know that there are people who also faced with cheating in cooperation with him, but do not fully understand how to reach them. It may be possible to make a collective claim,” continues Maria.

The athlete is not going to give up. Now Mary lives a full life, raising year-old son, Matthew, spends a lot of time with my husband. However, Komissarova all also hoped ever again to learn to walk. That is why she is going to continue treatment, but now more conscientious specialist.