The Dmitry Shepelev has caused a strong reaction of the fans

Снимок Дмитрия Шепелева вызвал бурную реакцию фанатов
Fans moved the publication of TV presenter.

Dmitry Shepelev and son Platon

Photo: @Instagram dmitryshepelev Dmitry Shepelev

Dmitry Shepelev, as an exemplary father, all weekends and holidays spends with his son. In his microblog there is a new photo with five years of Plato, which is discussed by fans more than the earlier pictures. The fact that Dmitry commented on the frame line from the song Zhanna Friske, calling the singer’s fans the most sincere emotions.

The photo was captured the moment happy together Shepelev Plato. The presenter’s son was caught on the trampoline is located outdoors. “Sometime in the summer…” — he wrote in comments to the publication. Subscribers, Dmitry write in the discussion sequel to the popular songs of Joan: “the Stars smiled at us. Sometime in the summer, our dreams come true… somewhere in the summer, the stars we sang songs. Sometime in the summer, I have been with you together…” Many of Internet users touched by the post 35-year-old Shepelev, who rarely speaks about Joan, but, obviously very longing for it. In June will be the third anniversary of the death of a child.

In April of this year Shepelev celebrated the fifth anniversary of her son, telling that was going to give Plato a trip to LEGO land. However, shortly before the day “x” the boy is sick and plans had to be changed. “It’s a shame of course, but does that really matter?! — wrote on the eve of the birth of his son Dmitry. The son once said: “we will Not cancel, let’s just do it”. What is he wise! I never cease to be surprised. “Thank you!” — I tell him. “For what?” — “For what you’ve brought to my life in order.” Your right. When everything happens on time, and when you actually need! And happiness, of course, also thank you. Absolute happiness is not important in LEGO-land or with a Cup of raspberry tea with a cough.”