The divorce-to-face: johnny Depp thinner and prettier

Развод к лицу: Джонни Депп похудел и похорошел

While five minutes to the former wife of actor rapidly losing weight, Depp himself blooms in his eyes.

Even in the winter, the tabloids were full of pictures obrutcheva, bloated johnny Depp. The actor married amber heard, and after a few months after the marriage of the former pretty boy is not gone. And look at Depp now! Cost to start a divorce process how the actor got fresher and prettier.

On the days the paparazzi photographed johnny in Pennsylvania, where he performed together with his music group Hollywood Vampire. Emaciated, with a healthy complexion, smiling Depp even waved to photographers.

In may, that is, from the moment when amber heard she filed for divorce, accusing the actor of hitting her, johnny transformed, as if thrown off in five years. And this at a time when the press has always procrastinate it with amber’s divorce. And it turns out that Depp freedom very much to face! He finally took them and began to become the man we know and love.

By the way, photographers caught another interesting point. Earlier in the actor’s hand had a tattoo with the word slim, i.e. skinny, so he called amber, and now this tattoo is the word scum, which is slang for rubbish, bastard, etc. you know where we’re going. Johnny smiles, flowers and erases the traces of love.

Meanwhile, amber heard is losing weight, running to court and trying to prove guilt Depp in domestic violence.

Развод к лицу: Джонни Депп похудел и похорошел

Развод к лицу: Джонни Депп похудел и похорошел

We recall that just recently appeared among the witnesses who defended Depp and presented evidence that amber falsificare evidence.

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