The divorce of johnny Depp: the drunkenness, the scandals and hatred

Развод Джонни Деппа: пьянство, скандалы и ненависть
What was actually the marriage of the actor.

Развод Джонни Деппа: пьянство, скандалы и ненависть

Johnny Depp

Photo: Splash News/East news

Развод Джонни Деппа: пьянство, скандалы и ненависть

Johnny Depp’s mother Betty sue Palmer

Photo: Splash News/East news

How did you learn to reporters the online edition of TMZ,
cause of divorce johnny Depp was not only an abuse by the actor of drink
which led to constant quarrels of the couple, and the fact that he put on weight almost
recognition. In fact Depp’s marriage collapsed, mainly under
the influence dramatically the complicated relations amber heard with his family, in particular, now
already late a stage mom.

that Depp mother — Betty sue Palmer the last six months was seriously ill. And actor
took a difficult decision: at the beginning of the year he moved her into his house, where
he lived with amber. This plan is the beginning was very risky. Case
is that Betty sue disliked amber. She was sure that heard married johnny solely for mercenary reasons — that is,
because of his condition, which is estimated at least 400 million dollars, and
also in order to use communication Depp in Hollywood for a private

And after both women have lived in the same house,
the atmosphere has become unbearable. Amber tried to ingratiate
to Betty sue, but was defeated — she never believed in the sincerity of the herd. And, by the
by the way, it seems that mom johnny was absolutely right. No wonder amber started the divorce
now, after a number of recent films Depp fell in
the box office, and all the talk that johnny’s career was nearing sunset. In this case, as
it has become clear over the past year, the herd also failed to succeed especially in
professionally by Depp. Thus, their marriage lost to amber
any sense.

Add to this that, as claimed, relationship with
a child actor from his civil marriage to Vanessa Paradis — 16-year-old Lily-rose
and 14-year-old Jack last time also sharply deteriorated. And it’s not just
that daughter and son Depp took the side of his grandmother in her conflict with their stepmother.
Both, especially a very adult Lily-rose, saw that their father was unhappy, and blamed
Amber in this situation.

As for the Depp, he is being “seized” and “washed down”
their problems. That is, stoked the longing in wine and sought comfort in overeating, which ultimately ruined the marriage of the actor. As
according to friends of johnny, his behavior led the herd into a rage. It came to
the fact that she was to follow her husband to not let him drink for
the outside of the house. So, when the herd suddenly started going to concerts Depp, who decided to perform on stage as part of a rock band, johnny’s friends were very surprised. After all, amber made no secret that she did not like the musical exercises husband. It turned out she went there to try to keep johnny from that he was drinking backstage. But she managed it is not always…

Johnny Depp and amber heard

Photo: Splash News/East news

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