Увольнение Егора Дружинина из мюзикла обернулось скандалом The Director tore the premiere of the 3D production “, Jumeau”. Yegor Druzhinin has refused to work on the project, considering that this show wanted to sell abroad. However, the leaders did not hide that wanted to come up with a performance on Broadway.

      After leaving the show “DANCING” on TNT Yegor Druzhinin has lost another job. Last week the 3D show of the musical “Jumeau” decided to part ways with Director of the project. In the five months since the start of rehearsals in the theater “Russian song”, he did not have time to complete the staging.

      He Druzhinin keenly spoke about his departure on Instagram.

      “I am pleased to inform you that I no longer have any relationship to the so-called musical “Jumeau,” wrote Yegor. – It turns out that this project has only one goal – to sell the technical component performance for the ocean. The audience must serve as a necessary backdrop. The company Let it show ethical norms is minimized. The postponement of the premiere is the need to customize your show for the tastes of the American buyer. We later figured out the situation.”

      However, as has found out “StarHit” Egor is a little disingenuous. The creators project has a different opinion on this. According to sources at the site, Druzhinin did not cope with their duties, could not control the workflow, to delay making important decisions.

      “Initially over “Jumeau” worked two Directors – one from the Russian side, this is Egor, the other Daniel kutner, widely known abroad – says the “StarHit” Ksenia Dmitrenko, Director of communications Let it show. – Naturally, we are interested in that then the show went and on Broadway. For that just answered the American party, curiosa the preparation of the project. When we come to our colleagues from the US proved that the musical is absolutely not ready. The premiere, scheduled for 23 March, was postponed to April 13, and Druzhinin to terminate the contract”.

      Recall that the plot of the musical, the audience moved to the conventional world, absorbed rapidly evolving technology. Here will be a presentation of the new platform, and step into the cyber-life will be made. There you can live forever, be perfect, have it all. CEO of high – tech- Capulet, is preparing to launch a program that will finally get people in the virtual space. But a group of hackers, led by Romeo, fighting against the total control over humanity. They know the new platform will Rob them of what makes them human. As in centuries past, the two lovers change the course of history.