Исчезновение балерины Большого театра объяснили зверским убийством Since, as a native of Kirov Olga Demina mysteriously disappeared, and three years. Rumor has it that the dancer could go abroad, but investigators have their own version of what happened. According to them, with the actress murdered a close friend.
Исчезновение балерины Большого театра объяснили зверским убийством

In August 2014, the 25-year-old ballerina Olga Demina has stopped communicating with his relatives. They sounded the alarm and appealed to the investigation. Friends of the girls also helped the squad “Lisa Alert” circulated on the Internet hundreds of messages with her pictures. The volunteers were calling hospitals and morgues, gave Sanchez on forests of the Moscow region, but active search was not successful.

The mysterious disappearance of Olga took investigators. Three years later, after she has ceased to answer calls of family, journalists have found out, how far the law enforcement officers seeking artist. At the moment the case of a missing dancer was preparing to hand over to the court.

Исчезновение балерины Большого театра объяснили зверским убийством

According to investigators, Demin has long been dead. In her disappearance accuse 37-year-old native of Georgia Malkhaz Galaeva, who worked as a security guard at the store of his sister. Dancer met him at a party in 2012, after which, as written in the materials of the criminal case, they are alien began to “provide each other various services.”

“In 2012, I got married. Olga was at the wedding, and later helped his pregnant wife took her to the doctors on my car. Don’t understand how Ollie could get him in some sort of relationship! He’s married, much older, not her type. Malkhaz said himself that he’s in the family, the Kurds, and he Eastern Prince. Olga believed…” says one of the friends of the ballerina.
Исчезновение балерины Большого театра объяснили зверским убийством

The sources close to the family Gevoelig say that his wife knew about the relationship with Demina. The Trinity was even called Swedish family. However, the choice of Malkhaz had delayed divorce and broke up with him only after the birth of her second child.

In December 2013, Olga startled mother a strange call. Dancer who was beyond terrified, said that blackmailing her intimate photographs. The attackers threatened to send photos to the Bolshoi theater, where he worked Demina. To pay off, the dancer had to go to the Bank and pay in installments the amount of 800 thousand rubles. Close Olga believed that this involved Malkhaz.

“But Olga nothing and did not want to listen. On the contrary, believed that I saved her from suicide. Someone still put these pictures on porn sites, putting the phone. She began to call hungry for sex men. Olga twice tried to commit suicide by swallowing pills. And the time I called the Ambulance, told correspondents source in the investigation.
Исчезновение балерины Большого театра объяснили зверским убийством

Law enforcement officers believe that Gavoi knocked out friend on an adventure. Under pressure men actress has accepted a proposal of marriage from longtime fan, businessman Alexander. Olga persuaded the boyfriend to re-register part of the real estate owned by him, on himself, explaining that she needs to take credit for the treatment of parents. Demina promised the businessman that he will return dwelling immediately after receiving the loan.

In February 2014 Olga became the owner of “odnushki” in Kotelniki the cost of 4 million 650 thousand rubles, and the wedding was canceled fan. Ex-boyfriend demanded the return of the apartment then Demina invited him to the sauna. Ballerina filmed their meeting on video and threatened the man with dirt.

The businessman called the police, claiming fraud on the part of the former bride. Demina has issued a fictitious contract of purchase and sale and sold her inherited apartment Javaio. He sold the property to the new buyer promised Olga to divide the proceeds equally.

A few months later Demin had disappeared, and did not get the money from the sale of the apartment fan. Shortly before Olga sold the car and changed the place of residence, as well as deleted all your photos from social networks. According to investigators, in the night from 19 to 20 August 2014 Gavoi attacked Demin and had committed a premeditated murder and then hid the body.

Now a resident of Georgia is in “Matrosskaya Tishina”. The man was charged with murder. He Gavoi refuses to testify, and his lawyers argue that Demina was able to go abroad and purposely does not communicate with relatives, reports “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.