The Directors defended keira Knightley from the attacks of John Carney

Режиссеры встали на защиту Киры Найтли от нападок Джона Карни

Not for every keira Knightley – star of world scale. Kira’s acting ability has recently challenged Director John Carney.

Filmmaker, which was filmed Knightley in the film “for once in my life”, confessed that she caused him a lot of problems.

According to John, in the process of working on the film, keira has a whole new perspective thanks to what he realized that made the wrong choice of actress for the lead role: “the more I tried to do everything as it should be, the more I realized that it was not right for the role, she writes music and plays guitar,” continued the Director. – I realized that I would never make movies with supermodels. Kira tries to hide who she really is. It seems to me, actors shouldn’t do that. I like to work with curious and worthy actors, not superstars. I don’t want to hurt Kira, but the actor to be very difficult. It requires some degree of honesty and introspection, and it seems to me, are not ready. And I don’t think she was ready for this film”.

Carney did not have time to share their thoughts about working with Knightley, the movie starred an actress who rose to her defense.

The first for a British woman stood up by mark Romanek (“never let me go”). On Twitter he left the following message: “I can call your experience with keira Knightley completely fascinating on every level. And I have no idea what he’s talking about this guy”. In this case, mark added the hashtag #Admindatabase.

I fully agree with the review of Romanek was the Creator of the film “Seeking a friend for the end of the world” Lauryn Scafaria. “Working with Kiera was a real treat for me. It is simple, easy and very, very good at his job. So cute” — said the woman.

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