The Director threatens Anastasia Volochkova

Режиссер угрожает Анастасии Волочковой The conflict between the artist and Joseph Raihelgauz erupted with renewed force. Anastasia Volochkova has refused to play in the formulation after left her scene partner said Bugs. Now project managers set celebrity ultimatum.

      Режиссер угрожает Анастасии Волочковой

      The scandal of the non-participation of Anastasia Volochkova in the production of the play “a man Came to the woman” continues to gain momentum. In mid-April it appeared that the Director Iosif Reichelgaus, sees harmony in a pair of the famous ballerina who was invited as an actress, honored artist Saida Bagova. And so he decided to replace partner Anastasia. But after several months of rehearsals and performances on stage in front of an audience, Volochkova was strongly against the replacement said for any other actor. But the Director was adamant and insists in the form of an ultimatum to the celebrity came out on the theater stage, but without Bagov.

      Partner Anastasia Volochkova caused a scandal in the theatre

      Some time theatergoers hoping for conflict resolution, because the site hung posters with the names Anastasia and said, but only until the controversy erupted with renewed force. Today Volochkova has published a letter in which she was threatened in case of refusal to go on stage, entering in the list of unfair suppliers and thus make it impossible for a celebrity collaboration with other state funded institutions within three years.

      “I have to publish this letter, because so angry with these kinds of ultimatums and threats I received for 20 years of my creative career. This letter sent to me an outstanding Director Joseph Raihelgauz, to which I, despite this nonsense, continue to be treated with respect, awe, gratitude, and love. It pains me to tears. I don’t even want to believe that this letter was written to them, not the Directors. Since all the charges against me are not justified!” – wrote Volochkova.

      Режиссер угрожает Анастасии Волочковой

      The actress said that she learned about the replacement partner just a few days before the performance and finds it impossible well together with the new actor in such a short time. Moreover, She said that because of this whole situation she is on sick leave, as driven to a nervous breakdown. Star difficulty experiencing everything that happens, because she put a lot of effort and spared their own funds. In an exclusive interview with “StarHit” Anastasia told that colostum in relation to the whole of the situation. Anastasia Volochkova: “I can’t betray a partner”

      “I am very sorry that I was a hostage of this situation. Because I tried so hard to succeed at the highest level. For many hours I donated to other projects. In addition, I at his own expense restored all the scenery in the play, purchased the props and costumes. Don’t know how this will end…” – said Volochkova “StarHit”.

      But a little later, the celebrity who only recently tried herself as an actress ribbed Raihelgauz, offering him the most to play is said on stage. “I offer you another option for the salvation of the today show where it was stated my name. Let’s play this performance together today! With You! The text of the play You know, like a Wizard, perfectly!” – wrote in the microblog Volochkova.

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