Директор «Уральских пельменей» найден мертвым в гостинице Alexei Lyutikov died under mysterious circumstances in Yekaterinburg. Over the years the artist was Director of the popular team of comedians. The investigative Committee began to investigate the case.

    The whole friendly team “Ural dumplings” today was reeling from the unexpected news is their Director Alexei Lyutikova, was found dead. The body was discovered by a maid at one of the hotels of Ekaterinburg. The man lived in the room with the second of August. The investigative Committee began an investigation. According to employees of the hotel, after settling in the room no one saw that Alex left the hotel. Reportedly, the body was not found traces of violent death. Now set the cause of the incident. Also near the body of a man was found bottles of alcohol.

    “Evidence of a criminal death on a body it was revealed not, – have told in Investigatory management on Sverdlovsk area. – Now conducted preliminary examination, the body was sent to autopsy”.

    For all participants of the team “Ural dumplings” Lyutikova death became strong blow. They can’t believe what happened and don’t understand what could happen to their Director, who has worked in this capacity for only a year.

    “I can’t say about him not a single bad word. It was a calm, normal, adequate man, a great leader is explained, everything is clear. If something I do not understand, I was translating in my language. I can’t believe he’s gone,” – said one of the team members Dmitry Sokolov.

    In the beginning of its work in new quality Alexei disputes arose with the previous Director of the “Ural dumplings.” Buttercups were assured that the previous Director Sergei Nitievskiy earned a lot more than artists. In October was held a General meeting, after which the man was removed from office. In Yekaterinburg, to lead the team began the Sergey Isaev, and buttercups was responsible for activities in Moscow. Reportedly, Nitievskiy sued and won the case. However, by this time “Ural pelmeni” have registered their organization under a new name.

    According to Dmitry, early buttercups was a team administrator. Between the actors and Director of this year never had any disagreements. “We often crossed paths, he played in the “Service entrance”, I – “Ural dumplings”. Recently in Sochi to meet his family. The daughter he is so good. I can’t believe” – said the showman to the edition “Days.<url>.

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