Режиссер сериала «Крот» Эрнест Ясан попал в реанимацию после ДТП “Veteran Lenfilm” was in one of medical institutions in St. Petersburg. Ernest Iasan was hospitalized with a concussion and broken bones, doctors did the surgery. Relatives and friends of the artist praying for his health.
Режиссер сериала «Крот» Эрнест Ясан попал в реанимацию после ДТП

82-year-old Director of the series “the Mole” and the movie “In my death I ask to blame Klava K.” Ernest, Jason was urgently hospitalized after an accident in St. Petersburg. The artist went behind the cottage, along with Pets – a cat and a dog. As reported by the journalist, Ernest Y. he was sitting behind the wheel of his “Mazda”. At the corner his car suddenly drove “Audi”.

The accident was very serious. Asan could not get out of the mangled car, so he came to the aid of rescuers. According to some reports, the driver of “Audi” not badly injured but escaped with minor injuries. Ernest Y. less fortunate. He was taken to the ambulance.

Режиссер сериала «Крот» Эрнест Ясан попал в реанимацию после ДТП

Now, Jason is in the hospital under medical supervision. The Director had to urgently take x-rays and tests. The artist had an operation on her hip bones. Colleagues of Ernest Y. worried about him and want to quickly go on the amendment.

“Concussion, multiple fractures – surgery, is now in intensive care. A man of great talent, a huge capacity for work and vitality. Yesterday we discussed his plans for the new work proposed by the Studio “Lenfilm”. I hope that the support of friends, colleagues and admirers, the professionalism of doctors and the attention of the medical staff will help him to overcome this misfortune. It is located at the Elisabeth hospital. Asking the city administration and the management of the studios to connect to providing as much assistance as possible,” wrote the actor Vladimir Mikheev in social networks.

Ernest Yasan born March 12, 1936 in Latvia. After graduating from the acting Department of the faculty of dramatic arts LGITMiK he worked in the Pskov drama theatre. Later he studied in the Studio of Director George Danelia in Directors. In 1966 began working at the film Studio “Lenfilm”.

Ernest Y. was removed more than a dozen films and TV series, including such projects as “national security Agent”, “Mole”, “Life and death of Lyonka Panteleyev”, “In my death I ask to blame Klava K.”, “a Dream in the hand, or Suitcase.”

The press service of “Lenfilm” and relatives Asana confirmed that he was in the hospital. Son of Director Nicholas said he was conscious and “pretty briskly” said. “But it was a shock. And with every hour he was getting worse,” shared the man with the journalists of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.