На директора центра, где лечился Марьянов, завели уголовное дело The head of the rehabilitation clinic “Phoenix” Oksana Bogdanova has been suspected of illegal activities. Earlier the woman denied his guilt of involvement in the death of a star of theatre and cinema Dmitry Maryanova. The clarification of the circumstances care actor of life continues.
На директора центра, где лечился Марьянов, завели уголовное дело

Director of the rehabilitation center, where shortly before his death was Dmitry Maryanov, is suspected of providing services not meeting safety requirements – illegal provision of medical services without a license.

The staff of the Investigative Committee of Russia across Moscow region have established the grounds for initiating a criminal case against Oksana Bogdanova. According to law enforcement officials, Dmitry Maryanov was in rehab from October 6 to October 15.

“It is established that in the centre Marianowo were injected intramuscularly medication before finding out the presence of any diseases or contraindications preventing the use of specific medicines, – reports a press-service SK of the Russian Federation. – These drugs are prescribed by a doctor and are prescription drugs. In addition, despite repeated complaints Maranova on feeling bad actor for a long time did not call an ambulance, depriving him of timely and quality health care.”
На директора центра, где лечился Марьянов, завели уголовное дело

In a criminal case is going to hold a series of investigative actions. The press service of the Investigative Committee added that the investigation into the death of Dmitry Marjanova continues. Currently assigned to different expertise.

Dmitry Maryanov, died 15 October 2017 in Lobnya. His last days, the star of theatre and film held in the rehabilitation center “Phoenix”, headed by Oksana Bogdanova. A few months before the departure from life of the artist put the filter due to pain in his leg. When Marianowo suddenly became ill, he was taken by car to a local hospital. About 19.30 Moscow time, the doctors stated the death of Dmitry.

Journalists reported that the cause of death Maranova was detached thrombus. According to others, the heart of celebrity was stopped due to acute blood loss, and venous disease was a catalyst. Upon the death of the actor opened a criminal case, which was transferred to the Department of particularly important cases of GSU SK the Russian Federation across Moscow region.

The head of the rehabilitation center “Phoenix” Oksana Bogdanova claims that its employees were not appointed drugs, and was performed by Marjanovi talks and special workshops. According to the woman, the artist had a program to work with your thoughts.

На директора центра, где лечился Марьянов, завели уголовное дело“Our center deals with the problem of rehabilitation of people with deviant behavior… to Recognize him as the actor was very complicated, entangled, exhausted, in which there burned a spark, which he was in search of. He came here and he was willing to give a tour, to cope with them and understand how to live further”, – said Bogdanov in the program Andrei Malakhov.