Режиссер «Агента национальной безопасности» умер в Петербурге
On the death of Ernest Yasana reported on the thumbnail.

Ernest Yasan

Ernest Iasan died in St. Petersburg on 83-m to year of life, told RIA
News the General Director of “Lenfilm studios” Eduard Pichugin.

Sophiya died in hospital,” he added. As reported
local media, Jason was in intensive care in serious condition after
how April 27 car accident on the street Parachute.

According to
Director of the Studio, where from 1966 he worked Asan with a date
and place of farewell to relatives still undecided, it could go
and on the thumbnail.

Jason took 14
art tapes, including “In my death I ask blame Klava
K.”, “a Dream in the hand, or Suitcase,” series “Agent
national security” and “Mole”.