The Director of “the Agent of national security” has died after a terrible accident

Режиссер «Агента национальной безопасности» скончался после страшной аварии Ernest Iasan died on 83-m to year of life. Some time ago, the artist got in an accident, after which he was urgently hospitalized. The doctors did everything possible to save Ernest Viktorovich, however, their attempts have not crowned success.
Режиссер «Агента национальной безопасности» скончался после страшной аварии

A veteran of “Lenfilm” Ernest Iasan died after the accident, which occurred April 27, Parachute street in St. Petersburg. The artist died on 83-m to year of life. The sad news was reported in the press service of the Studio. Colleagues Asana added that in the accident he received serious injuries.

Ernest Viktorovich delivered in medical institution with fractures and concussion, the Director had to urgently operate. Doctors to the last struggled for life of the Director, but to save him failed. Close to the star said that he suffered from several diseases.

“He still was 82 years old — and there is a fracture of eight ribs, bruised lung, bruised heart, concussion. Against this background formed a minor stroke. Plus a fracture of the pelvic bones. Last night we got a call from the intensive care unit and reported that he abruptly became ill. They took all resuscitation. But unfortunately, heart failed,” – shared with journalists-in-law star Nicholas Gulinov.
Режиссер «Агента национальной безопасности» скончался после страшной аварии

Fans of the Director share memories of his work on social networks. Many believe that Ernest Viktorovich will recover after a terrible accident and prayed for his health. Users of social networks bring condolences to relatives of the men.

“People of the land, it left the creation of his multi-faceted talent. Film Director, screenwriter, sculptor, author, cabinetmaker. Left us a man of inexhaustible love to life, to their family, friends and comrades, the man’s fantastic hard work and efficiency. His family and friends the people mourn his death”, – says Vladimir Mikheev, who knew personally the artist.

Ernest Yasan born March 12, 1936 in Latvia. He was educated at the acting Department LGITMiK and studied directing at vksr. From 1966 he began work at the Studio “Lenfilm”. In 1978, the screens out the film “Zav freaks”, which became the first full-length work Asana. In the future, he presented a painting “In my death I ask to blame Klava K.”, “the Doubler starts to operate”, “Dream in the hand, or Suitcase”, “I’m Sorry”, “evil spirit”. Ernest V. also took a series of “Three days before the broadcast of” “the Agent of national security”.

Son-in-law Jasana said in an interview with the Fifth channel, which he bequeathed to cremate him. Most likely, the funeral of the artist will be held on may 14.