Директор «Современника» вынес вердикт по делу Михаила Ефремова
The actor will not be punished for the “disgraceful behaviour”.

Mikhail Efremov


In the scandal with Mikhail Efremov, it seems, come to an end. The management of the theatre “Sovremennik” passed a decision in the case of an actor, caught in a difficult situation on tour in Samara. The audience of the play “don’t be a stranger” said that the actor allegedly took the stage in a state alkogolichka intoxicated and disrupted the performance. In fact the charges were audited.

In the “contemporary” did not recognize the guilt of Ephraim. According to the official statement, Michael, when I swore at the audience from the stage, was sober. While he was in the way, so I behaved quite sharply.

“The physical impossibility to hear all that is said on stage, coupled with unfamiliar complex play and eccentric figure role, has caused excitement in the auditorium and numerous, not always friendly replica… — said Igor Popov. —Of course, an experienced artist should not have to do that. It is sad that Mikhail Olegovich failed to cope with this situation. Be that as it may, the fact remains: even in a conflict situation, but the performance was held, he was played to the end and a large part of the audience understood!”

We will remind that earlier in support of Ephraim spoke, his wife Sofya Kruglikova. “He loves the theatre. A fanatic of his work. Play “don’t be a stranger” is one of the most beloved. I do not think that before the show he was drinking. He shooting a long time seriously. But he’s a hothead. Someone could not understand, to offend… Could get nasty, and he hates that and always responds very harshly. I think what happened is a response to something inappropriate. Hard to believe that describe the “eyewitnesses”!” — defended her husband of Sophia. By the way, according to rumors, during a speech in Samara Efremov received a fee of 2.5 million rubles.