The Director of performance with Anastasia Volochkova explained why he removed her from the role

Режиссер спектакля с Анастасией Волочковой объяснил, почему снял ее с роли

The story of the interchange of personnel in the debut performance of Anastasia Volochkova, where she performed the main role, continues.

This scandal acquires new details, now not only from the dancers? decided to become an actress, but also from the Director Iosif Reichelgaus.

As it turned out, two days before the play, the Director “a man Came to the woman,” Volochkova was removed from the role.

The Director argued that Anastasia looks too neorganichno on stage, and even vulgar.

“They voluntarily decided to redraw the play, which he did at the premiere. I told them I would leave the show like this, which I will not be ashamed to show it to the audience,or am I not allowed to play him in that role. The heroine needs to go out modestly dressed,and then she puts on her best dress. And her daughter says: “I can’t go out in a modest dress, because I’m Anastasiya Volochkova, says Raihelgauz work Bagova and Volochkova.

The dancer was, of course, shocked by this act of the Director, but even more she was surprised by the actions of her partner said that, despite disagreements with the Director, do agree to work, however, he will now play in another play: “I have often met in life with the betrayal, but I never imagined that suddenly, 2 days before the show,I will betray not only the Director but also the client, whom I defended them for a long time with the current Director of the opposition”, — Anastasia wrote.

By the way, because of the failure of the process and refusal to work, Volochkova could face a fine. But what is the amount is not specified.


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